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Vishwakarma Weddings

Posted by on Oct 9, 2015

Vishwakarma WeddingsIndia is home to various lifestyle, languages and faiths. From olden days, we have had been proof to numerous traditions and traditions in synchronise with our different lifestyle and traditions. For every area we have their own choice meals, ‘languages’, outfits, traditions and traditions and for many more ages to come we shall continue in our pattern to have variety and variety throughout the nation.

Every state has its own traditional pattern with regards to meals, outfit, and lifestyle and even among various intrastate ‘languages’ and variations – there are different traditional pleasures which are worth referring to of and being extremely pleased of – for the color of lifestyle and vitality they release.

Though the north aspect for the nation has always been in the focus one should be advised that the southern part of area of Indian is no smaller vibrant and stunning with its traditional outfits, meals, traditions and traditions.

Be it a habit of the Brahmin Tamils or the Kerala Nairs or the Vishwakarmas – who are similarly distribute in the three states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala – with their focus in Kerala quite good in number.

Vishwakarmas in Kerala is regarded a community that is very unique with regards to its own lifestyle and traditions, right from its social sections to its ceremonial traditions.
For example, coming to a common Vishwakarma marriage, there are traditions and traditions rich and drizzled with rich traditions and historical social touch. Vishwakarma married lifestyle is quite different in nature to any other kind of marriage for its own unique rituals and traditions.

The common vishwakarma married lifestyle starts off with the wedding of muhuratam, which is joined by the mother and father of the new bride and the bridegroom, important seniors of both the close family members as well as, most significantly – family members preacher. It is a wedding or rather a habit in which both the close family members and the preacher choose out an excellent day and time for having the marriage. Usually keeping in package with the historical traditions, the new bride and the bridegroom are banned to be present at this wedding. The muhuratam is regarded the very first of the pre-wedding traditions.

The next in line is the wedding of the pendlikoothuru, which is performed independently in the homes of the new bride and the bridegroom by their specific close family members. It is a valuable aspect to start the marriage as it includes the new bride and the bridegroom to be smeared with turmeric extract and oil and then getting a holy bath- a sign of the fact that they are sanctified of all wicked before getting a drop towards the holy partnership of their lives.

The main issue with the traditions generally takes place on the marriage day starting with the mangala-snaanam followed by the worshipping events by both the new bride and the bridegroom. After getting a morning hour’s shower, the new bride works a puja and provides her wishes to Goddess Durga whereas the bridegroom provides his wishes to Master Ganesha, seeking their delights for a successful and happy lifestyle ahead.